Actislim Ultra 6 Week Supply


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Actislim Ultra is a 100% natural Food supplement designed to help you achieve your personal lifestyle goal much quicker than other products current on the market. Actislim Ultra is a combination of natural herbs, vitamins, minerals and plant extracts.When taken approximately two hours after eating, the ingredients in Actislim Ultra act together to increase the intensity and extend the length of time that the normal processes of digestion occur. These digestive processes lead to an increase in our metabolic rate, so by taking Actislim Ultra your metabolic rate is maintained at a high level for longer. Actislim Ultra also, and most importantly, acts to increase our BMR so that all our cells carry out processes such as respiration (converting food and oxygen into energy) at a slightly higher rate. This increase in cell activity and respiration rate leads to higher amounts of energy being released as heat and this results in feeling warm and experiencing high levels of energy. The efficient fat disposal and high metabolic rate result in the brain thinking food has been eaten more often, so the appetite is suppressed. The tendency to snack and overfill your plate at mealtimes is reduced. In summary the results experienced when taking Actislim Ultra are mainly threefold: High levels of energy caused by an increase in metabolic rate, weight loss caused by the efficient breakdown of fat to obtain energy for metabolism and suppressed appetite caused by the body being ‘tricked’ into thinking food is being eaten more often. Suppressed appetite in itself leads to weight loss as less fat is consumed.
Remember: Maximum results are achieved when taking Actislim Ultra along with Actislim Night.

COMBINATION OF NATURAL HERBS, Vitamins, Minerals, and Plant Extracts
SPECIFICALLY DESIGNED FOR THOSE who find Actislim Platinum too strong


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