42 Meal Replacement VLCD Diet Shakes by KeeDiet® – 2 Weeks Social Plan



Each sachet provides 25% RI of essential vitamins & minerals. Compatible with all KeeDiet Plans & suitable weight loss product for calorie counting. To follow our plans use a variety to reach your desired target weight. All diet plans are explained in full, with suggested foods on the KeeDiet website www.thekeediet.co.uk KeeDiet Rapid Burn Plan: A VLCD/Ketogenic Weight Loss Plan suitable for both men & women. Keep weight loss simple and follow a strict weight loss plan for a fast and controlled weight loss. Daily consume 4 KeeDiet Sachets with option to include up to 200g/50kcal of permitted vegetables. No food to prepare. KeeDiet Rapid Burn + Plan: Intended for those above 17st /BMI 40+, follow the plan above, but add a 5th product to meet your nutrition requirements. KeeDiet Social Plan: An ideal weight loss plan if you wish to continue to eat conventional foods with friends & family. A VLCD/Ketogenic weight loss plan keeps calories and carbohydrates suitable low for a fast weight loss. Consume 3 KeeDiet sachets each day, add a healthy, varied meal (vegetables/salad/protein choice) or you may wish to use one of portion Keto Ready Meals as an alternative. KeeDiet New You Plan: A 1000 daily calorie plan that offers a fuss free diet. Less planning, and eating often throughout the day. Offering the opportunity to combine healthy foods & fruits alongside our Meal Packs. Enjoy 2 daily KeeDiet products, add 2 daily fruit portions and 2 daily meals (vegetables/salad/protein choice and carb choice. A great plan to follow for regular weight loss, whilst re-balancing and banishing bad eating habits. Simple KeeDiet 5:2 Plan: Perfect for gentle weight loss or weight management, for five days each week eat healthy foods (for example follow our New You Plan) , the remaining 2 days consume 600 daily calories and follow Rapid Burn or Rapid Burn Plus for 2 non consecutive days each week.

4 packs per day (Rapid Burn) providing all daily food or 3 packs per day with low carb meal (Social Plan)
Convenient to mix, Quick, Safe, Hassle free & Cost effective Weight Loss
Suitable for Vegetarians. Simply mix with water for a great tasting shake
42 Meal Replacement Shakes – 7 Chocolate, 7 Strawberry, 7 Creamy Caramel, 7 Banana, 7 French Vanilla, 7 Chocolate Orange


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